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Dating - Over 40 & Fabulous
By Roxanne Reynolds

Women over 40 have two distinct advantages over younger women:

1.They are more experienced and therefore know how to treat a man.

2.They are more intelligent. Intelligence is one of the sexiest things a woman can possess and something younger women lack. Being able to hold an intelligent conversation will glorify your presence in his mind while eliminating the memories of younger women who have nothing better to talk about than shopping for shoes.

These qualities are very exciting and inviting to a man.

The first thing women over 40 must accept is to act their age. This is what attracts a man to an older woman in the first place. Women may have a nurturing instinct, but it is important not to take on a motherly role. Remember, he is not pursuing you because he is looking to for a second mother.

Acknowledge your sexuality. Remember you are a cougar. Show the younger man how intimate and wild an older woman can be. This will amaze him and make him forget anyone who might have come before you.

Evaluate your long-term goals. If you are over 40 and have never been married, then it is likely you are looking for a man that hasn't been married as well. A man that has never been married is most likely going to be a younger man. Be aware of the fact that just because a man has not been married, it doesn't mean that he doesn't come with his own set of baggage.

Another important element to consider is to not appear too eager. Play a little hard to get. This will make the man see that he still needs to put in his best effort to win you. This also shows that you know what you want and are not just going to fall for the first guy that comes your way.

Remember to be yourself. Dress your age and be comfortable with who you are. Being able to love yourself gives you the confidence that only comes with age. This will also allow him to see who you really are and how bold and vivacious a real woman can be.

It is our life experiences- good, bad and indifferent, that make us who we are today, and the experiences that hurt us the most, the emotional ones that we have survived, have molded our personal strength. Understanding and accepting this will allow you to correct negative attitudes and behaviors that keep you from being a confident and poised woman.

Your goal should be not to date men continuously, but to date as a charming, intelligent woman who is looking for a loving and committed relationship

Roxanne Reynolds writes on relationship issues.
You can read more by visiting my blog: 'Roxy's Relationship Thoughts'
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