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Finding Mr Right
By Alexander Berson

A man who can fulfill you spiritually and sexually. A man who can make you happy, become your true and the only soul mate and someone who will be honest and true to you. These are the qualities that would define Mr. Right. Now the question is in everybody's mind, where do we look for him and how long do we have to wait to find this soul mate? This is a very big planet and he could be anywhere. Maybe one day you will bump into him and from that point on, you know that this is the one. This is Mr. Right. Now thinking realistically, what are the chances of that happening? Pretty slim. Now you get discouraged and your mind set lowered your personal expectations of your soul mate, thinking that you will never find him or give up and live alone.

A lot of people turn to destiny for answer. What is destiny in our minds? Is it something that you know will happen without your attempt to do anything about it. Thinking that you will meet your Mr. Right simply because this is destiny or is it something that you need to work for very hard to achieve this kind of result. The answer is this: effort determines destiny not destiny on its own. Whatever you do in your life, where ever you go or whatever decisions you make will determine what your destiny will be. Simply sitting in your house will not make destiny find your Mr. Right. You need to contribute to this, put your own effort. Whatever happens after that, destiny will lead you into your path.

Once you meet your man and you fall in love with him, he will become the only one for you. You become attached to this person. This kind of attachment means that it is in your heart not destiny that makes a man into unique and irreplaceable partner for long time to come.

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Alexander_Berson Alexander_Berson

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