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Wet Pussys* Why Guys Should Order Girls a Rum and Coke

Wet Pussys* Why Guys Should Order Girls a Rum and Coke

When I'm at a bar or a nightclub and a guy offers to buy me a drink, nine times out of ten he will buy me some sort of shooter: the "Slippery Nipple", or the "Wet Pussy"...or if I'm really lucky, the "Screaming Orgasm". Never mind the embarrassment of having to stand next to a sleazy guy (I had my beer goggles on, okay?), but now I get the added embarrassment of the bartender knowing that I'm going to have a Screaming Orgasm. Why can't he just order me a nice drink like the Chocolate Cake instead? Well, let's face it - barsandnightclubsbars and barsandnightclubsnightclubs make their money from alcohol and entry fees that people pay for the prospect of people getting laid. The more people that pick up at the bar, the more people that come back in the hopes of picking up, and so on. If a guy is picking up a girl, the best bet he can possibly have by buying her a sexual-sounding drink is that - when she's com completely hammered and his wallet is empty - she will remember how funny he was for ordering her that one shooter. There are a few problems with this plan though. Guys, keep this in mind the next time you want to give a girl at the bar a Slippery Nipple: You have to keep buying her drinks if you want to keep talking to her. While she is waiting for her shooter, she will talk to you but if you don't buy her another one...Well, what sort of girl is going to talk properly to a guy who bought her the Wet Pussy? If a girl is there with her girlfriends, she probably either wants to dance and be left alone, or hook up. If she wants to dance, the only way to keep her talking to you is to buy her a drink, find a seat, and talk. Shooters don't allow for that: they're pretty much grab-and-go. If she wants to hook up, then stop spending money buying her drinks and just flirt with her. She'll get the hint eventually. And lastly: It costs way too much! Every shooter is $5-$8 and it takes at least 4 or 5 to get a girl drunk, assuming a) you don't go to the bar at happy hour (a.k.a. 8pm when the lights are still on) and b) the girl is not a lightweight. That's anywhere from $20 to $40, and you're not even guaranteed to get her to your house, let alone get a kiss. So guys, next time you buy a girl a drink that is named after her body parts, consider this: $8 can also buy a girl Rum and Coke and buy you a 5 or 10 minute conversation. While that sounds like some cheesy fairy-tale stuff that's inappropriate for the bars and nightclubs scene, just remember: unless you're very good looking or she's got her beer goggles on, the best way to pick up a girl in any situation is to talk to her before you try and make a move. And if you choose to keep with your plan, can always tell your friends that you gave a girl a Screaming Orgasm on Saturday night.
Kelly Teng is a writer for barsandnightclubs barsandnightclubs

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