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Essential Oils - Can Age and Sex Affect Our Sense of Smell?
By Linda Lee Smith

Absolutely! As we become older our sense of smell is not what it used to be. Research has shown that our sense of smell peeks between ages 20 and 40 with a marked decline after 60. Anosmia (the loss of smell) selectively occurs among the elderly first with bad odors whereas sensitivity to pleasant odors remains relatively normal even into advanced years. For many of the elderly who have lost their sense of smell, food is un-appealing and may contribute to depression.

What can cause anosmia in a relatively younger healthy person? Trauma of course, but anosmia can also occur from a life of abuse and exposure to toxins. It can also be a result of chronic sinus infections. There can be selective anosmia or smell blindness to some particular odors or total anosmia which is the complete loss of smell. Anosmia is always associated with psychological depression paralleling the dullness of taste and smell. Research also shows that exposure to certain medicinal and environmental agents can adversely affect the sense of smell-in fact they can impair the sense of smell all together.

What About Sex-Does That Make a Difference in Smelling?

Women are thought to have a greater sense of smell than men which is quite interesting since most 'noses' or professional perfumers are not women-they are men! Research has shown that female infants are more attentive to scented artifacts than male babies. It seems that even from birth, women have a greater olfactory sensitivity. One interesting piece of research I found was on the time of day. Women's smell acuity is usually sharpest in the morning hours, declining as the day progresses. In contrast, males smell ability is constant throughout the day and by afternoon equals that of women with both male and female peeking again around midnight.

Could these differences be attributed to the differences in brain structure between men and women? That is possible. We know that the male brain is larger, heavier and organized differently than that of women. Women are observed to be more emotionally sensitive and right-brain oriented than men. Consequently women respond, behave, think and feel differently from men and their olfaction preferences are different. The fragrance industry has learned that men prefer complex floral and spicy fragrances whereas women like simple, single-note fragrances. Males will pick a fragrance and stick with it whereas women change their preferences frequently and like clean fresh scents. Can you guess who it is that the perfume industry caters to?

Want to know more about essential oils and how they can help us stay healthy? Consider becoming a certified clinical aromatherapist. The Institute of Spiritual Healing and Aromatherapy teaches classes throughout the United States on aromatherapy and energy healing.


By Going to my web site: ISHAhealing ISHAhealing and signing up for our free monthly newsletter, you can receive a free gift: 5 Monographs on Biblical Oils.

These oils include Frankincense, Myrrh, Cedarwood, Spikenard and Balsam Fir. While you are at our web site, check out our aromatherapy program and our program in Christian energy healing.

From Linda L. Smith, director of the Institute of Spiritual Ministry and Aromatherapy, Inc.

Linda_Lee_Smith Linda_Lee_Smith Linda-Lee-Smith_112394 Linda Lee Smith

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