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The Virgin School

The Virgin School Girl

By Glamour Girl xoox - Oct 1, 2008 - From first- time. First time sex story - Views - 116283 I'm sitting somewhere in the middle of the classroom.....dressed in a plaid uniform skirt and white short-sleeve collared uniform shirt..... pretending to listen to what you're instructing and you're in the front of the classroom, dressed in slacks and a shirt and tie, and sitting halfway on the edge of your desk. Your eyes drift around the room to different faces as you continue with your lesson. My eyes follow yours intently, watching where you look and every movement that you make. I can't help but be fascinated with you, to the point of infatuation. Every time your eyes meet mine, an electric shock runs through my body, starting from my chest and ending under my skirt. I start to shift in my seat and change the position of my legs, which are crossed. I then begin to sketch a picture of you in my notebook.
You start moving around the classroom and by this time I’m no longer watching you because I’m still sketching your appearance. You look down and notice what I’m sketching then you ask me “Is there anything you’d like to add to that lesson, Julie?” I look up at you, flushing from embarrassment, then quickly flip my notebook over and smile. “No, I think you’ve covered everything perfectly.” I look around the room and notice people staring and smiling. I swallow and you then say, “See me after class.” I begin to sink a little in my seat.
Moments later the bell rings and everyone leaves the room but me. I approach your desk. “Julie there’s something I must show you……….” I swallow and, still nervous, reply, “alright.” You pull out of your desk a notebook that has pictures drawn of me. I laugh aloud at the irony. “Also, there’s something I must tell you, Julie.” You come around the desk and put your hands around my face. My books drop to the floor as you bring me close to you and begin to kiss me. My emotions stir crazily all throughout my body as yours presses up against mine. You can feel my breasts up against you and you lower your hands to my ass and grab it underneath my skirt. You pull the clip out from my hair and it flows lazily down my back. I begin to undo your tie, it takes me a moment because I’ve never done this before. Then I manage to pull it off of you and start opening up your shirt, button by button. Your hand wanders up my skirt as I do this and I moan as I smile. With your shirt now com completely open, I pull it out of your pants and remove it by slowly sliding my hands down your muscular shoulders and arms, then toss it on your desk on top of your tie. You begin to unbutton me as you kiss me passionately again….more aggressive with me, you remove my shirt and it falls to the floor, revealing my perfectly shaped breasts in a modest but silky white bra. I begin to undo your belt and whip it out of your belt loops. “Hmmmm, ” I say, “This may come in handy later.” I giggle as I throw that on your desk and begin to open your pants. A rather large bulge has already formed beneath them.
“Come over here, ” you say as you pick me up by my ass and set me on your desk. You pull my short skirt up and move aside my thong and begin to lick my pussy all over, flicking your tongue against my clit. “Oh yeah, ” I say breathlessly as you indulge yourself in it. The sensations course through my body electrically and make my hips gyrate. I begin to shake and shudder as I feel myself come closer and closer to climax. Then I begin to scream, “Oh yes!!! Mmmmmmmmmmm that feels so good.” I moan more and slowly feel myself release and relax all over your mouth.
Then I say, “Sit in your chair.” You proceed to make yourself com comfortable and I get on top of you. I reach my hands around my back and unclip my bra and remove it, letting it drop on your chest. You begin to grab my breasts and suck on my nipples and I moan with pleasure as I grind my self against your throbbing cock. I then work my way off of you and slide my hand inside your pants. You sigh as I take your throbbing cock out and begin to lick it up and down. I run my tongue up and down your shaft and down to your balls. I put them in my mouth one at a time, suck hard on them. I return up your cock and lick it some more before putting the head in my mouth. Then I suck hard on it and let my tongue roll all around the tip. I can hear you moan and tell me, “yeah baby, suck my hard cock.” I suck it hard and take all of you inside my mouth, then you say, “Get up. I want you now.”
So I get up and you lift me back on your desk. You then begin to push yourself inside of me, but stop. “Wait, are you a virgin?” I smile seductively and answer, “Yes, but I was hoping that you’d be my first. I’ve never had sex with anyone before.” With a mixture of lust and guilt, you let your feelings go and push yourself inside me. I cry out a little at first from the pain, then an overwhelming sensation of pleasure envelopes me and I scream, “Oh My God!” You start pushing hard into me and say, “Wow, your pussy is sooooo tight. Mmmmm that feels so fucking good.” My tight, wet pussy wrapped around your hard, throbbing cock feels very intense and you start thrusting harder, making me scream. You pull out com completely and put yourself back in. You repeat that a couple times before putting yourself com completely inside me. You thrust very hard then stop and say, “Come down off there and bend over my desk.”
I smile as I hop off your desk and lean over it, revealing my ass and wet pussy. You then put yourself inside me and it feels so much deeper and tighter. You leave me breathless and gripping the desk as you begin to thrust very deep inside me. You begin to thrust faster and faster then you ask me to turn around. I turn around and get on my knees and you begin to cum all over my tits, shooting your load all over them. I smile and get up, you kiss me again then ask me, “Do you think you can remember that lesson?” I smile as I reply, “Oh, trust me, that’s one that I’ll never forget. Does that come with any homework?” I wink.

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